Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside a homemade sushi roll :)

gently roll ingredients rice vinegar from international market kawaii chopstick pack hello panda snacks simple cucumber sushi roll tasty crab sushi roll how to make sushi photo guide

  1. Cook white rice in a rice cooker or on the stove top. Measure equal amounts rice and water. Follow package directions but omit any salt/butter suggestions.
  2. Let rice cool (adding the vinegar as it cools) Spread the rice out using a large glass bowl. You can use a wooden bowl just don’t use metal as it will keep the rice warm and you are trying to cool it down.
  3. Chop/slice ingredients (avocado, shrimp, tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, imitation crab…) you can experiment with crazy combinations or make simple rolls with just rice/rice and vegetables. Try what you like and check out sushi restaurant menus to get creative ideas.
  4. Once the rice is cool cover most of the nori (seaweed sheet) These come in packs to 10 or so from most grocery stores.
  5. Place ingredients together (but not too many ingredients or they fall out) and begin to roll them up. Use the mat, practice and try different techniques. There are great videos about sushi making you can check out if you can’t get your rolls to come out as well as you’d like. You can cover the mat with plastic wrap to prevent sticking. Also, wet your hands slightly so the rice won’t stick!
  6. Once the roll is together reinforce the shape without squishing it too much. You can make them circular or with distinct sides. Make sure the roll is “closed” (that rice is holding the nori together so everything stays in!)
  7. Take the finished roll and with a sharp knife (you can wet the edge to get a clean cut) slice the roll into equal pieces. Most rolls will make 6-8 pieces depending on how you roll and the ingredients you use.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m just a beginner but I love learning all I can about Japan and I could probably eat sushi every single day, hence my need to learn how to make my own. Now I can eat 3 unique rolls if I’d like for much less than it would cost to purchase them at sushi bars. Nori stays good a long time so don’t worry if you don’t use the whole package all at once. Most people have rice and filler ingredients around the house at any given time and it’s easy to start purchasing a few new items to try each time you make sushi. For instance, try mixing your own wasabi (from powder), get small soy sauce dishes for your favorite sauce (we prefer Kikkoman) or even use fancy chopsticks/splurge on fancy vinegar and eventually, more exotic ingredients! OR just buy amazing goodies like Hello Panda ;)

What’s everyone else getting in to?