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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I got a few challenges behind with my traveling but I didn’t forget. Here is a series of photos that show the growing I’ve done so far this summer! I have a lot… Continue reading

Garden Collage

Look for entries soon on how to grow everything you see here! Tomatoes, peppers, basil, dill, chamomile, cabbage, broccoli and more! For now, I’m busy working on content for my portfolio and as… Continue reading

Garden Gallery June & July 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

These photos were taken on my way walking home one day :)

Cedar Bend to Exchange Park Photo Series

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Each photo represents a literal depiction of this week’s theme, path. Each also symbolizes some aspect from my own life. The first photo was the most recently taken. My mother is smoking a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week I just walked around my backyard and pointed my camera up! Enjoy this gallery? Check out my other weekly photo challenge entries by looking in that category or selecting a theme… Continue reading

Backyard Summer Snapshots

Secret Lake

Blackhawk Rollerdrome


Woods By My Place

Tree Of Life

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