I take pictures… hopefully some of them are of some interest to someone else…

I want visitors to find photos easily so I can share my creative eye with the world! I love my camera and take it nearly everywhere, everyday. I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you.

If you really like me you could subscribe but I’m cool with however you want to do this thing. You can even bookmark this page, share me on Facebook, all that internet-y stuff :)

Random facts about the photographer:

  1. I’m left handed.
  2. I dislike too much mayonnaise.
  3. I take lots of embarrassing pictures of myself.
  4. I take even more of my cats.
  5. I also love snapping shots of trees, flowers, feet, funny signs, skies, concerts and buildings.
  6. I’m sure I’ll find more to take pictures of…
  7. When I do I’ll post them here!
  8. I started a garden. My goal is to grow some of my own food and to post my progress under the gardening category.
  9. I make videos for YouTube, my channel has 319,314 total upload views and 139 subscribers [as of April 3, 2012] I have been a YouTube contributor since July 3, 2006.
  10. My favorite color is green. Favorite bands: The White Stripes, Electric Six, The Dead Weather, The Beatles, The Strokes…
  11. I like making lists.
  12. Especially when they are about me or my interests.
  13. This is my favorite number, and the last silly thing I feel like sharing… for now :)

As far as my work goes (written, video, audio, photographs) you may use freely if you do not alter. If you are using for commercial or online purposes please credit blastedgoat as the work’s original creator.

You may alter the work with permission (asking via comment is acceptable) and if you provide a link to where the content is being used (whether you altered it or not) I will provide a link back.

If you have further questions about how to use my work or how to share your work with others check out Creative Commons. Here is the full license I wish my work to fall under unless otherwise stated above.