Garden Snaps 2016 [1]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


Photowalk in Des Moines for my Twenty Eighth

Some photos I snapped on my twenty-eighth birthday outing yesterday. We saw an awesome mural waiting for a table at Zombie burger. I had fried pickles, a chocolate cake shake and the Raygun… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside a homemade sushi roll :) Cook white rice in a rice cooker or on the stove top. Measure equal amounts rice and water. Follow package directions but omit any salt/butter suggestions. Let… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abandoned Rath Packing Co. in my rear-view mirror… What else have we left behind?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Treasure map…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Better late than never I suppose! Didn’t have to look far for random objects around my place… This one sits in my kitchen window. (Soda is so much tastier from glass than plastic!)… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Just a small part of my ever-growing family :) Care to look through other Word-Pressers’ family albums?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

What’s it like outside your window?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

These are my three amazing and adorable cats (Mr. Trouble, Kikkoman and Wasabi) I love watching animals (and humans for that matter) grow up in pictures. It is always fun to take a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

I’m an amateur photographer so I really enjoyed working with this couple; they were so easy going! I got some good shots and learned so much. This shot isn’t technically the best compared… Continue reading

Cattle Congress

[MORE] Iowa State Fair

Last Leaves (and Fruits) A Summer Garden Collage

Farewell to the lovely plants who didn’t make it in the front door. My camera is fading as fast as the warm nights of summer but I plant* to upgrade over the winter… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Unforgettable Trip Aboard the S.S. Badger

Originally posted on MANDE GREEN GALLERY:
Check around my other blogs for more vacation snapshots. These are from our beautiful trip across Lake Michigan aboard the historic S.S. Badger!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I got a few challenges behind with my traveling but I didn’t forget. Here is a series of photos that show the growing I’ve done so far this summer! I have a lot… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Start wearing purple!

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