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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

These are my three amazing and adorable cats (Mr. Trouble, Kikkoman and Wasabi) I love watching animals (and humans for that matter) grow up in pictures. It is always fun to take a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Last Days of March Photoshoot

  Thanks for checking out this series… More to come as more plants start to grow :)

Happy Birthday Kikkoman & Wasabi!

My little girls turned one today! Here are photos of them growing up :) I have another kitty who is about two and I love their individual personalities. Happy Birthday to my kitties,… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Creature comforts… more like comforting creature. Rest in peace Ginger :( you are so missed. Though, I am glad to know I always have these photos of you saved on WordPress. I simply… Continue reading

A Portrait Of Trouble

Day 29 – A picture that can always make you smile

Day 17 – A picture of someone that has made a huge impact on your life recently

I don’t know if I could have made it after Ginger died without the love of her new baby brother… He has grown so much and now I can’t imagine life without him,… Continue reading

Day 08 – A picture that makes you laugh

Trouble is a constant source of entertainment for me. He makes me laugh pretty much daily. When he isn’t funny, he’s cute, purrfect boyfriend :)


Creepy Cartoon Flower Girl

Devil Nights

This was an awesome Halloween. That is me with one of my best friends growing up and her mom all dressed up! I remember switching costumes mid-night because Halloween was such a big… Continue reading

RIP Ginger Fish

Trouble In The Yard

Ginger Snaps

I Will Miss My Little Ginger Fish

Omaha Zoo — Tiger Bars

Slivered Olive Eyes

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