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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

These photos were taken on my way walking home one day :)

Last Days of March Photoshoot

  Thanks for checking out this series… More to come as more plants start to grow :)

Cedar Bend to Exchange Park Photo Series

Backyard Summer Snapshots


Fall Downtown

Tree Tattoo

Autumn Reflections

Secret Lake

Hanging Tree

This may be a grim comment but a young man hung himself in the park featured in this series of photographs earlier in the summer. His was one of several deaths (hangings and… Continue reading



Calvary Cemetery [1866-1939]

Leaves & Trees

Underneath A Tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Really Big Tree

Visiting Omaha Zoo

Weird Sky

Tree In The Cedar River

This reminds me of my friend who was, like this tree, lost in the Cedar River. I like to think that all my work has left a path for Kyle’s memory to walk… Continue reading

Word Flood

Tree Of Life

Flower Power

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