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Garden Snaps 2016 [1]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Treasure map…

Last Leaves (and Fruits) A Summer Garden Collage

Farewell to the lovely plants who didn’t make it in the front door. My camera is fading as fast as the warm nights of summer but I plant* to upgrade over the winter… Continue reading


I’ve always considered dandelions flowers instead of weeds like most gardners… And every blossom eventually fades. The beauty of flowers is that they return when conditions are right and make the life of… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

As a photographer with OCD I notice arrangements and arrange things frequently. I may continue this series by photographing the everyday things I arrange… I pulled these from the wreckage of my old… Continue reading

Last Days of March Photoshoot

  Thanks for checking out this series… More to come as more plants start to grow :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Each photo represents a literal depiction of this week’s theme, path. Each also symbolizes some aspect from my own life. The first photo was the most recently taken. My mother is smoking a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week I just walked around my backyard and pointed my camera up! Enjoy this gallery? Check out my other weekly photo challenge entries by looking in that category or selecting a theme… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Backyard Summer Snapshots

Tomatillo Flowers

Creepy Cartoon Flower Girl

Flowers By The Side Of The Road

Leaves & Trees

The Beginnings Of My Camera

The flower photographs were taken on the first major photo outing we made with the camera several years ago along the Cedar River near downtown Cedar Falls. The pictures of the guy in… Continue reading

Blackhawk Rollerdrome


Pink Flowers

Beneath A Blue Tree

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