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Photowalk in Des Moines for my Twenty Eighth

Some photos I snapped on my twenty-eighth birthday outing yesterday. We saw an awesome mural waiting for a table at Zombie burger. I had fried pickles, a chocolate cake shake and the Raygun… Continue reading

4th Street Cruise Vintage Vehicle Snapshots


Occupy Cedar Valley Photos–Day 1

Click to enlarge :) Keep up the good work Cedar Valley! For more information on the Occupy Cedar Valley movement (and the Occupy Wall Street movement as a whole) please check out my… Continue reading

Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory

Meeting Dick Valentine of Electric Six after seeing them play for the third time live in Iowa was pretty awesome! Concerts are one of my favorite things in life and Electric Six brings… Continue reading

Revisiting Baker Hall

  I love this building and thought I would post these, I will most likely be returning for demolition and after photos. These were taken during my last semester at UNI sometime in… Continue reading

One Room School House

Hanging Tree

This may be a grim comment but a young man hung himself in the park featured in this series of photographs earlier in the summer. His was one of several deaths (hangings and… Continue reading

Calvary Cemetery [1866-1939]

Closer Objects

Tree In The Cedar River

This reminds me of my friend who was, like this tree, lost in the Cedar River. I like to think that all my work has left a path for Kyle’s memory to walk… Continue reading

Woods By My Place

Flower Power

Graffiti-Covered Bridge

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