Occupy Cedar Valley Updates w/ Photos [YouTube Video]

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Our local version of the Occupy movement is trying to focus on what we want to accomplish and not just to launch grievances against the “rich” though many do feel disenfranchised and marginalized in this corporate version of the American Dream. Our main goal for now is to get people talking and involved in community matters. We are trying not to put a liberal or conservative slant on issues because we want everyone to come talk to us but we don’t speak for all groups and I certainly don’t speak for everyone in my group. I am glad it is getting people thinking about what they can do to improve the situation! The more real people start to talk the sooner we can all figure out the best course of action :)

The people of Iowa marched because they don’t have a voice, even as the first state to have a primary. (Unless some other jerk state tries to steal that from us!) The media twists the issues and people don’t talk together as communities. Those of you who oppose the 99% have you even tried to listen? Not every protester is going to make complete sense but the collective effort of getting the government’s attention is what we seek. Our demonstration was completely peaceful and in cooperation with local authorities which was frowned upon by some… you can’t win with some people!

We tried to address that specific issue. Everyone is trying to divide us, label us and dismiss us before even listening to us! We tried to come up with a few major points we could all agree on. Here is that initial list:

  • Ending the military industrial complex (end wars, bring troops home)
  • Ending corporatism (get money out of politics and government)
  • Overhaul of social issues (education, health care, housing)
  • Jobs (infrastructure)
  • Environmental responsibility (sustainability)

I took photos and participated in the solidarity committee. Yes, that’s right our protest was run like a committee meeting, point of orders and all. We need to have civilized discourse and our compartmentalized worlds don’t allow that naturally so we are occupying PUBLIC space to share our thoughts. At least we are doing something and not just complaining. We are trying to come to a consensus, however long it takes, so we can tell our politicians what we want.

In order for that to work those politicians can’t be swayed by corporate powers. The invisible hand of big business has its fingers in all our affairs from war to health care to education, EVERYTHING!

Please join a movement if you ave an idea and try to make the best out of this life. It does no good to blame others or label people into categories and political parties!

Occupy Overman! Cedar Falls Joins National Movement: http://blastedgoat.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/occupy-cedar-falls-overman/

*Solidarity is the integration, and degree and type of integration, shown by a society or group with people and their neighbors. It refers to the ties in a society – social relations – that bind people to one another. The term is generally employed in sociology and the other social sciences. –Wikipedia

[Response to person accusing Occupiers of “being used by Obama or other politicians for their own political means” ]

I’m being used? Funny! Then why did I get record hits on my blog today? Clearly, that is a positive thing for a beginning photographer and writer. People in my community are talking and doing it peacefully. Don’t believe everything you hear on the news. Honestly, some people just make me sick they don’t want it to get better because they are delusional. Nobody is associating this movement with a candidate or party but the media will shove it down the public’s throat until it believes. Then all oppositions and occupations will be arrested, disassembled or just completely ignored. :( Hm with that kind of attitude we would still have slaves in this country and certain groups of people would be disadvantaged systematically… Oh wait, they still are, that is reality! What are you doing to change that or any other problem you perceive in society or are you comfortable with how things are and what they’ll allow you to have? That is until they take it away… when YOU are the one being ignored.