The Dead Weather

Dead Weather Concert in CO

Time Flies

Time Looms

Gnarly Tree

This tree partly inspired my tattoo! I miss walking around campus snapping photos of these long-standing creatures.

Cotton Ball Falling On The Campanile

Peace Out, Rod Library

Yellow Daffodil Daze

Beneath A Blue Tree

The End

Dr. Swan’s Door

Dr. Swan was my Shakespeare, Early Modern Drama and English Survey professor at the University of Northern Iowa. I will never forget all the silly and important things he taught me. Did you… Continue reading

I See The Sky, I See The Trees

Slivered Olive Eyes

Sepia Daisy Lock

Sometimes, I Miss The Old Place

22nd Birthday

The Space Natives played an awesome show then we went back to the hotel room that Andy rented and Shaun passed out and had to be drug on and off the elevator by… Continue reading

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