Odd Yellow Fellow

Omaha Zoo — Green Butterfly, Swan In Koi Pond and Chairlift View


Really Big Tree

Visiting Omaha Zoo

Gardner Snake

Twisted yellow snakes slither under muddy toes, surround shivering legs… A little green baby pops out of the bushes! Coils around the yard when the sun goes in for supper…

Gunther Toody’s

Their service was sassy just like the reputation. I didn’t get great shots of the inside because I was starving and the food was so delicious. We walked from Zach’s sister’s apartment, they… Continue reading

Weird Sky


Happy Little Clouds

Tree In The Cedar River

This reminds me of my friend who was, like this tree, lost in the Cedar River. I like to think that all my work has left a path for Kyle’s memory to walk… Continue reading

Surreal Mural in Iowa City

Blue Bricks

Purple Flower

Woods By My Place

Abandoned By The River

Abandon All…

Word Flood

Peace, Grass :)

Tree Of Life

Flower Power

Graffiti-Covered Bridge

Orange Foliage

Dead Shadow

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