Fall Downtown

One Room School House

Electric Six Concert Photos

All photos were captured from video using Windows Movie Maker…  Make sure to check out the rest of my Electric Six photos and videos :D


Electric Six — In Color

Electric Six — B&W Photos

Looking @ U Thru The Glass…

E6–3rd Time’s A Charm!

I was so scared because my camera is kind of on the fritz sometimes and it was acting up before the show… luckily I got a picture with Dick Valentine and couldn’t be… Continue reading

Devil Nights

This was an awesome Halloween. That is me with one of my best friends growing up and her mom all dressed up! I remember switching costumes mid-night because Halloween was such a big… Continue reading

College Hill — UNI

Tree Tattoo

Flowers By The Side Of The Road

Autumn Reflections

Following Pawprints

Secret Lake

Hanging Tree

This may be a grim comment but a young man hung himself in the park featured in this series of photographs earlier in the summer. His was one of several deaths (hangings and… Continue reading



Calvary Cemetery [1866-1939]

Leaves & Trees

Februised Fruit

Hanging Out

Three Little Goats

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