Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

NANOWRIMO Winner’s Certificate

I have neglected this photographic novel in favor of the real novel I typed up during November. Now I’m taking a break before editing Partially Before We Died and refocusing on my video… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Occupy Cedar Valley Updates w/ Photos [YouTube Video]

* * * Our local version of the Occupy movement is trying to focus on what we want to accomplish and not just to launch grievances against the “rich” though many do feel… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

This weekend was full of possibilities. The Occupy Wall Street movement reached my hometown of Cedar Falls Iowa Saturday when a group of over 50 protesters marched from the University of Northern Iowa… Continue reading

Cedar Falls Protest Photos [Large]

Please share these photos and share our movement with the rest of the nation!

Occupy Cedar Valley Photos–Day 1

Click to enlarge :) Keep up the good work Cedar Valley! For more information on the Occupy Cedar Valley movement (and the Occupy Wall Street movement as a whole) please check out my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Creature comforts… more like comforting creature. Rest in peace Ginger :( you are so missed. Though, I am glad to know I always have these photos of you saved on WordPress. I simply… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

These photos were taken yesterday on our first trip of the fall. We visited the Iowa State Capitol Building in Des Moines. Enjoy these shots of amazing architecture in all the colors of… Continue reading

Cedar Bend to Exchange Park Photo Series

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Each photo represents a literal depiction of this week’s theme, path. Each also symbolizes some aspect from my own life. The first photo was the most recently taken. My mother is smoking a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week I just walked around my backyard and pointed my camera up! Enjoy this gallery? Check out my other weekly photo challenge entries by looking in that category or selecting a theme… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

I snapped this photo when we were entering a tunnel in Colorado :) It brings back wonderful memories of trip and being on the road! I love these weekly photo challenges because I… Continue reading

Raindrops on Flowers, Butterflies and a Skeleton Leaf Photo Series


Backyard Summer Snapshots

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

This is a house in the woods near the river. I snapped these photos last summer and want to go back to see how things look now…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

These were flowers from my finance’s grandmother’s funeral. We just moved many of her things to our place including an old roll-top desk, typewriters and an antique Singer sewing machine. I’m glad we… Continue reading

Extremely Green Grasshopper

Happy Birthday Harry, Zach!

Now that we’ve all come of age… Harry Potter is over and an adult and so is Zach. Here are some snapshots from our magical Muggle date! We went to Rudy’s Tacos which… Continue reading

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