I’ve been working a lot lately but luckily I get chances to snap some photos around my old campus. Here’s a squirrel (the animals around UNI don’t usually work too hard for food… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

We wandered inside Newton’s Cafe one morning for breakfast and it was wonderful looking up at historical buildings and eating a delicious meal together in the early downtown sunlight! You have to go… Continue reading

Garden Collage

Look for entries soon on how to grow everything you see here! Tomatoes, peppers, basil, dill, chamomile, cabbage, broccoli and more! For now, I’m busy working on content for my portfolio and as… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

One of the best places to eat in downtown Waterloo. I had the mixed berry pancakes and they were amazing!

Garden Gallery June & July 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

A lovely and fleeting sunset at the beach. It’s always fun to watch the kids and cool off during these hot days :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I walked around Sturgis Falls and found these amazing creations… I’ll be posting more photos from the event on my other blog later this week! Thanks for checking out my photos. Be sure… Continue reading

Garden Photography June 2012

4th Street Cruise Vintage Vehicle Snapshots


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Soak up early summer (late afternoon) sunshine sitting on the beach… Watch girls sitting on towels in mix-matched bikinis as children paddle past in seaweedy green water… I will be visiting again soon.… Continue reading

Garden Shots May 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

The Waterloo Happy Chef is no more. This makes me blue as I used to frequent that place and worked there for almost a year…  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

None of these photos from our trip to the Omaha Zoo turned out like I wanted at the time but I’m glad I have a habit of keeping things for later consideration. Sometimes… Continue reading


I’ve always considered dandelions flowers instead of weeds like most gardners… And every blossom eventually fades. The beauty of flowers is that they return when conditions are right and make the life of… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Follow the sun…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

These photos were taken on my way walking home one day :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

As a photographer with OCD I notice arrangements and arrange things frequently. I may continue this series by photographing the everyday things I arrange… I pulled these from the wreckage of my old… Continue reading

Last Days of March Photoshoot

  Thanks for checking out this series… More to come as more plants start to grow :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Check out everyone’s entries for this week’s theme!

Happy Birthday Kikkoman & Wasabi!

My little girls turned one today! Here are photos of them growing up :) I have another kitty who is about two and I love their individual personalities. Happy Birthday to my kitties,… Continue reading


I’m a fan of old design (vintage signs and such) as well as natural designs like clouds and all the patterns found in nature. I liked the idea of sticking to a color… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

This set of my aunt and her family was taken last Easter. Her family is bigger than ours and we do things a little differently. I was happy to get the opportunity to… Continue reading

Draw-a-Day-in-January: Colorful Kissing


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