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Last Days of March Photoshoot

  Thanks for checking out this series… More to come as more plants start to grow :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Each photo represents a literal depiction of this week’s theme, path. Each also symbolizes some aspect from my own life. The first photo was the most recently taken. My mother is smoking a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week I just walked around my backyard and pointed my camera up! Enjoy this gallery? Check out my other weekly photo challenge entries by looking in that category or selecting a theme… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers, Butterflies and a Skeleton Leaf Photo Series

Tomatillo Flowers

Fall Downtown

Flowers By The Side Of The Road

Autumn Reflections

Following Pawprints

Secret Lake


Leaves & Trees

Colorized Flowerz

Lost Island, Plastic Trees

Past Places

Odd Yellow Fellow

Tree In The Cedar River

This reminds me of my friend who was, like this tree, lost in the Cedar River. I like to think that all my work has left a path for Kyle’s memory to walk… Continue reading

Purple Flower

Woods By My Place

Tree Of Life

Orange Foliage

Beneath A Blue Tree

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