Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

These photos were taken yesterday on our first trip of the fall. We visited the Iowa State Capitol Building in Des Moines. Enjoy these shots of amazing architecture in all the colors of autumn. Marvel at the height of human achievement in this over one hundred year old building!

Our tour guide was awesome and took us to the library and the whispering gallery which was REALLY HIGH UP THERE!

Iowa has one of the most beautiful and Renaissance inspired Capitols in the nation. The largest dome is very impressive from the outside as it is covered in a thin layer of gold leaf, the walls also contain gold elements. Other materials include native woods, beautiful marbles and hand painted surfaces (there is no wallpaper and the walls are filled with historical works of art in the form of oil paintings and mosaics)

The tour was amazing. I will share more photos on my blogs over the next few days but it is nothing to standing in the building and imagining all the people and history the windows have illuminated. After the climb to the whispering gallery I was a bit winded but the view would have taken my breath anyway. I was lucky neither my camera or I fell :)