Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel

I wanna see Electric Six again… I will travel wherever to make this necessary! I would also travel to see any remaining Jack White band… hopefully back to Colorado for an extended period of time. I would also love to escape to Canada, eh :)

As a side note I wanted to study abroad in England and would still love to go to Europe but sadly this may never become reality. Maybe if my country doesn’t shut down permanently or start WWIII… then my chances will be much better, ne? I also wanted to go to Japan… I was sort of obsessed in middle and high school… I’m fascinated by other cultures and always have been. I remember going to an international fair. I don’t know how accurate the representation was but from then on (I was a pretty young child) I tried to imagine what living in another part of the world would be like. I went through a Russian period when I took, you guessed it, Russia as my non-western culture elective in college. I got into Russian authors and plays.

I’m sure there are other places I will add to this list when I think about it and as I learn more about the world. The sad part is that an average American citizen like me it isn’t easy to travel very far from home. I’m trying to change this, however. If I can write my way out of a paper bag I can hopefully write my way out of Iowa.