Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

I love old buildings so it stands to reason that I would hate when they get torn down. I have seen my elementary school leveled to become an empty hill with remnants of playground equipment at the bottom.

They torn down the Black Hawk Rollerdrome just a month or so ago and they also took a small school I wasn’t able to get pictures of before it was gone. I understand that old buildings can be hazards but I hate new architecture and wish some could be remodeled or reused but they let them sit, sometimes for decades, uninhibited.

My intermediate school is on the chopping block next and they are moving whole neighborhoods of houses to widen a very old street in our town.

I think I can pinpoint when I really started hating construction: when I attended the University of Northern Iowa. There was always some orange mesh fence to block my way, noise to distract me from my thoughts, or even an entire road missing for an entire year.

People should just learn to be happy with what they have and not worry so much about things being new and state-of-the-art. I’ll take old and sturdy any day if given the choice because things today just don’t scream out the word “quality” even if they cleverly use it in their advertising :)