Day 07 – A picture of your most treasured item

Included in this list is:

  • My pink stuffed bunny, Jellybean. I got him when I was little. The picture of him is from when we lived in the hotel. Luckily I still had Ginger around to make it feel more like home.
  • A pillow I made in Jr. High, a favorite resting spot for the late, great Ginger cat.
  • If you couldn’t already tell, Pets! Trouble is an amazing little Siamese boy and Ginger was my special baby girl :)
  • My old cell phone and computer have so many Ginger pictures on them (and other pictures in general) it makes me feel better to have my friends, family and pets around me always.
  • Otherwise I care mostly for my computer, my books, my typewriters and the things I’ve written in various places/in various mediums over the years. I also have a neat collection of records, cameras and vintage video games that I wouldn’t like to part with anytime soon.

My most treasured item if I had to pick just one… hands down, the thing I would choose over everything else I own? My pets, more specifically my kitty cats, most specifically, my Ginger Fish. That is why I included a picture of her with her favorite toy, the one that inspired her nickname “Ginger Fish” and has caused me to start referring to all cats (at least the awesome ones) as “fish”. For anyone who thinks referring to pets as items is weird, there just weren’t any days that had anything to do with pets and I treasure my pets above material possessions. (Unless of course they are a very young Mr. Trouble and they pee on things I really like!) Good thing he has gotten to be such a good boy. He does miss his big sis, unfortunately. I’ve been thinking we should get him a little sibling sometime. Mommy wants another kitty!