Hanging Tree

This may be a grim comment but a young man hung himself in the park featured in this series of photographs earlier in the summer. His was one of several deaths (hangings and shootings) that happened in Waterloo, Iowa in 2010. There was a shooting right behind the Subway I work at as well as one on the East side that killed an innocent man standing on his porch. For these reasons and more I want to create art and literature that shows the beauty that also surrounds me. I try to find loveliness in the darkest and strangest of places…

Luckily, October 22, 2010 was a bright and wonderful day off, perfect for a bike ride near my place. Now, thanks to these images, that day shall live on forever on the internet! (As long as that lasts) It shows just one of the days I have chosen to capture creativity and positivity rather than giving into surrounding negativity and suffering. I hope you all chose to do the same in your own ways :)